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gio 23 mag. 2024
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Cicciomessere Roberto - 17 settembre 1990
Andrea Mazzucchi complains about the fact that his text n. 297 was left without a reply. I believe that in a conference it is not always necessary to reply, especially when one believes one has already given a reply, or agrees with part of the things stated by the interlocutor.
I think I have already written my opinion concerning the responsibilities of the West as regards the Gulf crisis, and generally as regards the South of the world. In fact, I believe that through my behaviours I have especially contributed in denouncing the "death merchants" and the "starvers".

Having said (and done) this, I don't believe that at a moment in which the situation becomes critical, a non-violent can simply be content with recalling other people's responsibilities and for the rest washing his hands of it. A non-violent person must try, if it is possible, to make the reasons of law prevail over the reasons of war. And I also expressed my opinion on the things that a non-violent conscientious objector, and not a generic "pacifist", could do.

I therefore agree (and I have already written this) that it is certainly not necessary to "leave for the Gulf". But to simply declare oneself unwilling to make use of weapons, considering the fact that nowadays (I repeat:nowadays) this attitude costs nothing and has no effect, is not enough. At any rate, I personally would not feel perfectly at ease in declaring it.

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