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Conferenza Partito radicale
Cicciomessere Roberto - 20 febbraio 1991
Arms export (1)

In the following texts, the resolution presented by the radical members of Parliament and the report of the Minister of Foreign Trade at the Chamber Foreign Affairs Commission concerning the non-implementation of the bill of 9 July 1990 containing "New norms on the control of export, import and transit of armament material".

In order to be enforced, the new bill included a series of requirements which the Government has not fulfilled. Moreover, the report of the Wiesenthal Center (The Poison Gas Connection) had denounced the involvement of Italian firms in the supply of technology for the manufacture of Iraqi chemical weapons.

In order to obtain explanations on such matters, the Foreign Affairs Committee summoned the officials in charge of foreign trade, defence, foreign affairs and of the presidency.

We will insert the reports of the other ministers as soon as possible.

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