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Cicciomessere Roberto - 13 aprile 1991
New Constitution in Burkina Faso

In the following text, the proposal for a new Constitution of Burkina Faso which shall be submitted to a constitutional referendum on 2 June 1991. On 2 November 1991 there will be presidential elections and on 8 December legislative elections.

If passed, implemented and respected, Burkina Faso will become one the very few States of Africa with a democratic regime. Despite some reservations as to the constitutional structure, and especially on art.59 which provides the possibility for the President of adopting rather vague measures requested by the circumstances in the event of serious attacks against constitutional powers, and the funereal motto "HOMELAND OR DEATH, WE SHALL WIN!", inopportunely inserted in the text, there is no doubt that we are faced to a revolutionary constitution for Africa, which will engender changes in other countries as well. Also, I consider it a sign of great political courage to have wanted to assert the lay character of the State of Burkina Faso at a moment in which religious fundamentalism seems to prevail in the South of the world.

What do the Radicals of Burkina Faso think about it?

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