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Cicciomessere Roberto - 16 maggio 1992

The Chamber

condemns the war and racist policy conducted by the regime of Belgrade, which yesterday in Croatia and today in Bosnia Herzegovina, massacres populations, forcing over one million people to the condition of refugees, oppresses two million Albanians of Kosovo, systematically destroys cities and monuments which belong to the human civilization, sows racial hatred raising it to political and State morality;

decides that no recognition be conferred internationally, by the European community and by Italy to the new entity called Federal Republic of Yugoslavia; that all relations with the representatives of the former Yugoslav Republic be denied at once, refusing the principle of continuity between the former and the present entity, without reservations or delay; that therefore every representative to the former Yugoslav Republic be immediately recalled, and that all its alleged representatives be denied recognition as such or as representatives of the new entity, which is not and cannot be recognized at the state of affairs;

binds the Italian Government to rule out, in future peace negotiations, any recognition to the de facto situation of "ethnic redistribution" pursued and imposed through war, massacres and terror, which have to date caused over one million refugees, and to ensure the right for the refugees to an immediate return to their area of origin, in the context of the States of origin recognized by the international community, the European community and Italy; to rule out any recognition to the so-called Federal Republic of Yugoslavia until the latter guarantees by law and Constitution the same rights recognized to the citizens and the minorities by the Republics of Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia to all citizens of Serbia and Montenegro, starting with those of Albanian, Hungarian and Sandjak nationality;

denounces the policy conducted by the international community, and especially by the European community, as an aggravating factor of the current tragedy, as the accomplice of the aggressors, the racists and the militarists who are laying waste the whole of the former Yugoslavia; a policy pursued in violation - among other things - of every norm provided by the international law and, as far as Italy is concerned, decided in contempt of the deliberations and addresses dictated by Parliament; denounces the fact that policy is causing the repetition of the tragic, cynical and blind mistakes of the '30s and of the following years vis-à-vis the Nazi and Stalinist violences;

binds the Government to take all possible and necessary actions for the adoption of firm measures and immediate sanctions against the aggressor and to stop the war, both in the context of the United Nations, of the European Community and of the CSCE;

in particular binds the Government to request the U.N. Security Council to decree a total embargo against the Republics of Serbia and Montenegro, the interdiction of the air and sea space of the former Yugoslavia to any military aircraft or ship, until the army has not withdrawn from Bosnia Herzegovina and from Croatia; to request the immediate release of all prisoners;

binds the Government to immediately send aid to the refugees of Bosnia, Herzegovina and Croatia.

binds the Government to immediately enforce all that is contained in the present motion, moreover ensuring, in all ways and with all possible legal means, the defence of the human, civil and political rights of the inhabitants of the former Yugoslavia, and an adequate answer to defeat the aggressors, isolate them and convict them for their war and ordinary crimes.

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