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Archivio Emma Bonino commissario UE
Financial Times - 1 marzo 1995

The European union and Norway have agreed on the management of 1.5 million tonnes of fish stocks by about 2,000 vessels in the North Sea this year, the European Commission said yesterday. Agreement,which is normally reached in December, was delayed following Norway's decision to stay out of the EU. "I hope that it will help us to build a lasting and co-operative relationship with Norway in fisheries," said Ms EMMA BONINO, EU fisheries commissioner. The main problem was over mackerel stocks, which were cut by 20 per cent to 630,000 tonnes on scientific advice, EU officials said. Norway, which claimed a larger share of the catch because migratory mackerel stayed longer in its waters, eventually obtained a marginally higher 30.3 per cent share despite Irish objection.

The North Sea cod catch was fixed at 120,000 tonnes, lower than proposed by scientists, in rebuild stocks more quickly. Most other catches will be little changed from last year and will be shared between EU member states according to a pre-set formula.

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