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Federalist Debate - 1 maggio 1994
Resolution of the UEF's Federal Committee.

The Federalist Debate VII N.2, 1994


The UEF insists on the incorporation of foreign and security policy, migration, internal security and the fight against unemployment within the framework of the European Union institutions. It demands the drawing up and adoption of a Federal Constitution for the Union open to all those Member States willing to adhere to it. The human, ethnic and political catastrophy in former Yugoslavia, the non application of the Schengen Accords illustrate yet again the failure of the intergovernmental method.

The UEF deplores the high-handed manner in which the Council has put the European Parliament in the position of having to consider its assent to the Treaties of Enlargement with insufficient time to study the texts in depth, and calls on the Parliament to use the occasion of the assent procedure to emphasize the urgent need to strengthen the institutions of the Union, particularly in the light of the increase in the number of Member States.

The UEF urges the European Parliament that, in exercising its newly-acquired rights (a) to be consulted over the choice of President of the Commission and (b) to give its assent before the new Commission may take office, it should also insist that the person selected as President must be someone known to be convinced of the necessity of federal type institutions for the European Union.

The UEF notes that the Council's Ioannina Accord upholds the blocking minority of 27 votes. The qualifying interpretation contained in the Council's communiqué has no legal force, being outside the laws governing the Union.

The UEF calls on all European Union citizens to use their democratic rights during the European elections next June by voting only for candidates who support strengthening the institutions and commit themselves to the above reforms.

The UEF appeals to all its members to campaign in favour of the recommendations of this resolution. It also calls on its members to redouble their efforts during the European elections to obtain signatures for the petition on European democracy that will then be presented to the newly-elected Parliament.

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