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General Assembly - 17 dicembre 1981
Resolution A36r197

17 December 1981

United Nations Children's Fund

The General Assembly,

Taking note of Economic and Social Council resolution 1981/56 of 22 July 1981, Having considered the report of the Executive Board of the United Nations Children's Fund on its session held at United Nations Headquarters from 11 to 22 May 1981,

Reaffirming the principles and guidelines for the programme activities of the United Nations Children's Fund laid down by the Executive Board, in particular the field-oriented and action-oriented approach of the Fund and the maintenance of a low ratio of administration to programme costs,

Acutely aware that the present global economic situation adversely affects the ability of developing countries to implement plans for the extension of basic services to children and mothers, which requires the most effective use of available resources to advance the well-being of children,

Concerned that the situation regarding the income of organizations of the United Nations system depending on voluntary contributions, including the Fund, has recently been adversely affected by a number of unfavourable factors,

Bearing in mind that the programmes of co-operation of the Fund are contributing to the realization of the relevant goals and objectives of the International Development Strategy for the Third United Nations Development Decade,

1. Commends the policies and activities of the United Nations Children's Fund;

2. Endorses Economic and Social Council resolution 1981/56 of 22 July 1981;

3. Reaffirms the role of the Fund as the lead agency in the United Nations system responsible for co-ordinating the follow-up activities of the International Year of the Child related to the goals and objectives concerning children set forth in the International Development Strategy for the Third United Nations Development Decade;

4. Commends the Executive Director and the secretariat of the Fund for their efforts to enlarge the income of the Fund so that it may respond more effectively to the needs of developing countries in support of their programmes to enlarge basic services for the benefit of children and mothers;

5. Urges all organizations concerned in supporting the activities of the Fund, including the national committees for the Fund and the co-operating non-governmental organizations, as well as other organizations of the United Nations system, to enlarge and enhance their co-operation with the Fund in order to maximize the effectiveness of such co-operation in the interests of children and mothers in developing countries;

6. Expresses its appreciation to Governments that have responded to the needs of the Fund and expresses the hope that more Member States will follow their example;

7. Invites all Governments that make pledges of voluntary contributions to make payment thereof as early as possible so that the Fund may proceed with the implementation of its programmes without undue delay while maintaining an adequate level of operating capital;

8. Appeals to all Governments to increase their contributions, if possible on a multiyear basis, so that the Fund may, in the present global economic situation, be able to augment its co-operation with developing countries and respond to the urgent needs of the children in those countries.

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