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Economic and Social Council - 24 maggio 1984
Member Name E84r027

24 May 1984

Meeting 20

Conscientious objection to military service

The Economic and Social Council

1. Decides:

(a) That the report prepared by Mr. !Eide! and Mr. !Mubanga-Chipoya! on conscientious objection to military service should be printed and given the widest possible distribution;

(b) To transmit the report for comments and observations to Governments and relevant United Nations bodies and specialized agencies, other intergovernmental organizations and non-governmental organizations;

2. Requests the Secretary-General to report to the Commission on Human Rights at its forty-first session on those comments and observations and on other significant developments regarding the human rights of conscientious objectors;

3. Requests the Commission on Human Rights to study the report on conscientious objection to military service, including the recommendations contained therein, as well as the report of the Secretary-General containing the comments and observations, under the item entitled "The role of youth in the promotion and protection of human rights, including the question of conscientious objection to military service".

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