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Economic and Social Council - 25 luglio 1985
Member Name E85r050

25 July 1985

52nd plenary meeting

Application of microcomputer technology in the development of water, energy and mineral resources

The Economic and Social Council,

Recognizing the rapid growth and the development potential of computer technology, in particular the advent of inexpensive and reliable microcomputers and the need of developing countries for information on hardware, software and training materials,

Bearing in mind the advantages that developing countries could derive from a wider application of such techniques in the implementation of natural resources development policy,

Taking note of the report of the Secretary-General on the application of computer technology in mineral exploration and development and of the information provided on the current activities of the Department of Technical Co-operation for Development of the United Nations Secretariat in this field,

Also taking note of the progress made in the application of computer technology for the assessment and development of energy and water resources in the developing countries through various technical co-operation activities,

Mindful of the importance of the transfer of technology, in particular appropriate new technology, that will strengthen the capabilities of developing countries,

1. Requests the Secretary-General to continue activities related to the application of microcomputer technology in the assessment, development and planning of natural resources - water, energy and mineral resources - in such areas as the development and dissemination of appropriate software technology;

2. Also requests the Secretary-General to report to the Committee on Natural Resources at its tenth and subsequent sessions on the progress made in the application of the technology referred to in paragraph 1 above.

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