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Security Council - 30 settembre 1985
RESOLUTION 572 (1985)


S/RES/572 (1985)

30 September 1985

Adopted by the Security Council at its 2609th meeting on 30 September 1985

The Security Council,

Recalling its resolution 568 (1985) of 21 June 1985,

Having considered the report of the mission to Botswana appointed by the Secretary-General in accordance with resolution 568 (1985) (S/17453),

Having heard the statement of the Permanent Representative of Botswana to the United Nations expressing the deep concern of his Government over the attack by South Africa against its territorial integrity,

Deeply concerned that the attack by South Africa resulted in the loss of life and casualties to many residents and refugees in Gaborone as well as the destruction of and damage to property,

Noting with satisfaction the policy which Botswana follows in regard to the granting of asylum to people fleeing from apartheid oppression as well as its respect for and adherence to the international conventions on the status of refugees,

Reaffirming its opposition to the system of apartheid and the right of all countries to receive refugees fleeing from apartheid oppression,

Noting further the urgent needs of Botswana to provide adequate shelter and facilities to refugees seeking asylum in Botswana,

Convinced of the importance of international support for Botswana,

1. Commends the Government of Botswana for its steadfast opposition to apartheid and for the humanitarian policies it is following in regard to refugees;

2. Expresses its appreciation to the Secretary-General for having arranged to send a mission to Botswana to assess the damage caused by South Africa's unprovoked and premeditated acts of aggression and for proposing measures to strengthen Botswana's capacity to receive and provide assistance to South African refugees as well as determining the level of assistance required by Botswana to cope with the situation resulting from the attack;

3. Endorses the report of the mission to Bostwana under resolution 568 (1985) (S/17453);

4. Demands that South Africa pay full and adequate compensation to Botswana for the loss of life and damage to property resulting from its act of aggression;

5. Requests Member States, international organizations and financial institutions to assist Botswana in the fields identified in the report of the mission to Botswana (S/17453);

6. Requests the Secretary-General to give the matter of assistance to Botswana his continued attention and to keep the Security Council informed;

7. Decides to remain seized of the situation.

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