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Economic and Social Council - 23 maggio 1986
Member Name E86r024

23 May 1986

19th plenary meeting

Front-line States

The Economic and Social Council,

Gravely concerned about the intensified undeclared war being waged by the Pretoria regime against the independent neighbouring States,

Further concerned about the collaboration of certain countries with South Africa in its destabilization campaign, in particular the recent formalization of military assistance to the Uniao Nacional para a Independencia Total de Angola,

Alarmed by the suffering imposed on the neighbouring States, especially on women and children, as a direct result of the massacres and other acts of terrorism perpetrated by the South African racist army and puppet armed bandits,

Commending the front-line States for their resistance to the military pressures and economic blackmail of the Pretoria regime, aimed at forcing them to abandon their traditional support of the struggle for the liberation of Namibia and South Africa itself,

Convinced of the imperative and urgent need for the international community to render more material and moral support to those countries in conformity with the relevant United Nations resolutions,

1. Strongly condemns the South African racist regime for the unprovoked and premeditated acts of aggression against the independent neighbouring States, in particular the continued occupation of the southern part of Angola;

2. Demands that the Pretoria regime stop the recruitment, training and financing of mercenaries and armed bandits used to commit massacres and other acts of terrorism against the innocent civilian population of the front-line States, including women and children;

3. Commends the front-line States for their unswerving commitment to the liberation struggle in South Africa and Namibia and calls upon the international community to increase assistance to those States;

4. Demands an immediate cessation of all South African acts of destabilization and aggression against the front-line States and calls upon those Governments that support the Uniao Nacional para a Independencia Total de Angola to desist from doing so;

5. Demands the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all the South African racist troops from the territory of Angola.

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