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Economic and Social Council - 28 maggio 1987
Member Name E87r039

28 May 1987

17th plenary meeting

Critical social situation in Africa

The Economic and Social Council,

Recalling the Declaration on Social Progress and Development, which provides the framework for international co-operation in the field of social development,

Recalling also General Assembly resolutions 39/29 of 3 December 1984 and 40/40 of 2 December 1985, which led to the convening of the thirteenth special session of the General Assembly, devoted to the critical economic situation in Africa, at which the Assembly adopted by consensus the United Nations Programme of Action for African Economic Recovery and Development 1986-1990,

Alarmed at the acceleration in the deterioration of social conditions in most African countries,

Noting with concern the gravity of the continued acts of violence committed by the racist regime in South Africa against its people, Namibia and neighbouring States, which have resulted in a particularly disquieting social situation in the southern African countries,

Noting that in Africa's Priority Programme for Economic Recovery 1986-1990, the Governments of African States reaffirmed their primary responsibility for the economic and social development of their countries, identified areas for priority action, and undertook to mobilize and utilize domestic resources for the achievement of their priority objectives,

Reiterating that the African social and economic crisis is a development crisis that concerns the international community as a whole and that greater realization of the rich physical and human potential of the continent is an integral part of a common strategy to promote the economic and social advancement of all peoples,

Noting that the prospects for concerted implementation of Africa's Priority Programme for Economic Recovery 1986-1990 are being affected by an unfavourable external economic environment and stagnation in the flow of developmental finance, particularly that of a concessionary nature,

1. Takes note of the report of the Secretary-General entitled "Highlights of the world social situation 1987: recent developments and current issues";

2. Requests the Secretary-General, within the framework of the United Nations system, to continue to bring into focus the implementation of the social aspects of the United Nations Programme of Action for African Economic Recovery and Development 1986-1990;

3. Appeals to the international community, the States members of the specialized agencies and non-governmental organizations to increase their co-operation and assistance to establish or improve the infrastructure necessary for sustained social development in Africa;

4. Requests the Secretary-General to prepare, as part of the forthcoming report on the world social situation, a comprehensive annex to the report, in consultation with the Organization of African Unity, the Economic Commission for Africa and the African Development Bank, providing information on the critical social situation in Africa, paying particular attention to the obstacles to the attainment of the objectives contained in the Declaration on Social Progress and Development, including the impact of structural adjustment policies on the social situation in Africa, for submission to the Commission for Social Development at its thirty-first session;

5. Decides that the information contained in the above-mentioned annex shall be considered by the Commission at its thirty-first session in the context of its review of the world social situation.

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