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Security Council - 16 febbraio 1989
RESOLUTION 632 (1989)


S/RES/632 (1989)

16 February 1989

Adopted by the Security Council at its 2848th meeting on 16 February 1989

"The Security Council,

"Reaffirming its relevant resolutions, in particular resolutions 431 (1978) of 27 July 1978, 435 (1978) of 29 September 1978 and also 629 (1989) of 16 January 1989,

"Further reaffirming that the United Nations plan contained in its resolution 435 (1978) remains the only internationally accepted basis for the peaceful settlement of the Namibian question,

"Confirming its decision contained in paragraph 1 of resolution 629 (1989) of 16 January 1989 that 1 April 1989 shall be the date on which implementation of resolution 435 (1978) will begin,

"Having considered the report submitted by the Secretary-General (S/20412) and his explanatory statement of 9 February 1989 (S/20457),

"Taking into account the assurances given to the Secretary-General by all its members as contained in paragraph 5 of his explanatory statement (S/20457),

"Reaffirming the legal responsibility of the United Nations over Namibia until independence,

"1. Approves the report of the Secretary-General (S/20412) and his explanatory statement (S/20457) for the implementation of the United Nations plan for Namibia;

"2. Decides to implement its resolution 435 (1978) in its original and definitive form to ensure conditions in Namibia which will allow the Namibian people to participate freely and without intimidation in the electoral process under the supervision and control of the United Nations leading to early independence of the Territory;

"3. Expresses its full support for and co-operation with the Secretary-General in carrying out the mandate entrusted to him by the Security Council under its resolution 435 (1978);

"4. Calls upon all parties concerned to honour their commitments to the United Nations plan and to co-operate fully with the Secretary-General in the implementation of the present resolution;

"5. Requests the Secretary-General to keep the Security Council fully informed on the implementation of the present resolution.

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