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Economic and Social Council - 24 maggio 1990
Member Name E90r006

24 May 1990

13th Plenary Meeting

1990/6. Women and children in Namibia

The Economic and Social Council,

Welcoming the independence of Namibia, proclaimed on 21 March 1990,

Bearing in mind the tremendous responsibilities that the Government of a newly independent country will face,

Recalling the active role played by Namibian women in the struggle for liberation and independence,

1. Expresses its appreciation to the Commission on the Status of Women for its support in the struggle for Namibian independence;

2. Recognizes the sustained efforts of Namibian women to achieve full and equal participation with men in political, social and economic activities and to continue their contribution to the construction of a free and independent Namibia;

3. Appeals to the international community to provide financial, technical and other forms of assistance to enable the Government of Namibia to implement measures aimed at improving the condition of women and children in that country;

4. Urges governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations to make resources available to assist in the rehabilitation and resettlement of returning Namibian women and children.

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