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Economic and Social Council - 20 luglio 1992
Resolution E92r012

20 July 1992

32nd plenary meeting

Allegations regarding infringements of trade union rights in South Africa

The Economic and Social Council,

Having considered the report of the Fact-finding and Conciliation Commission on Freedom of Association concerning South Africa referred to it by the International Labour Office, pursuant to Council resolution 1991/37 of 31 May 1991,

Noting with satisfaction the findings, conclusions and recommendations contained therein, and with specific reference to paragraph 748, clauses 13, 14 and 15, of the report,

1. Requests the Secretary-General to invite the Government of South Africa to report, no later than 31 December 1992, on the measures it has taken to give effect to the recommendations contained in the said report, and thereafter at yearly intervals until the Economic and Social Council is satisfied that the said recommendations have been implemented;

2. Also requests the Secretary-General to refer the reports of the Government of South Africa on this matter to the International Labour Office, with the request that the latter transmit to the Council its advice and comments stemming from examination of the said reports;

3. Takes note of the request of the Government of South Africa that the International Labour Office provide technical assistance and advice to the Government, and to labour and management organizations of South Africa, in respect of the recasting of that country's labour laws and invites the International Labour Office to comply with this request and to inform the Council of actions taken in this regard in the context of an annual report to the United Nations.

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