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Security Council - 17 agosto 1992
RESOLUTION 772 (1992)


S/RES/772 (1992)

17 August 1992

Adopted by the Security Council at its 3107th meeting,on 17 August 1992

The Security Council,

Reaffirming its resolution 765 (1992) of 16 July 1992,

Having considered the report of the Secretary-General on the question of South Africa (S/24389),

Determined to help the people of South Africa in their legitimate struggle for a non-racial, democratic society,

Cognizant of the expectations of the people of South Africa that the United Nations will assist with regard to the removal of all obstacles to the resumption of the process of negotiations,

Bearing in mind the areas of concern relevant to the question of violence in South Africa, including the issues of the hostels, dangerous weapons, the role of the security forces and other armed formations, the investigation and prosecution of criminal conduct, mass demonstrations and the conduct of political parties,

Further bearing in mind the need to strengthen and reinforce the indigenous mechanisms set up under the National Peace Accord, so as to enhance their capacity in the building of peace, both in the present and in the future,

Determined to assist the people of South Africa to end violence, the continuation of which would seriously jeopardize peace and security in the region,

Underlining, in this regard, the importance of all parties cooperating in the resumption of the negotiating process as speedily as possible,

1. Welcomes with appreciation the report of the Secretary-General of 7 August 1992 (S/24389);

2. Expresses its appreciation to all relevant parties in South Africa for the cooperation they extended to the Special Representative of the Secretary-General;

3. Calls upon the South African Government and all parties in South Africa to implement urgently the relevant recommendations of the Secretary-General contained in his report;

4. Authorizes the Secretary-General to deploy, as a matter of urgency, United Nations observers in South Africa, in such a manner and in such numbers as he determines necessary to address effectively the areas of concern noted in his report, in coordination with the structures set up under the National Peace Accord;

5. Invites the Secretary-General to assist in the strengthening of the structures set up under the National Peace Accord in consultation with the relevant parties;

6. Requests the Secretary-General to report to the Security Council quarterly, or more frequently if necessary, on the implementation of the present resolution;

7. Calls on the Government of South Africa, parties and organizations, and the structures set up under the National Peace Accord, to extend their full cooperation to the United Nations observers to enable them to carry out their tasks effectively;

8. Invites international organizations such as the Organization of African Unity, the Commonwealth and the European Community to consider deploying their own observers in South Africa in coordination with the United Nations and the structures set upder the National Peace Accord;

9. Decides to remain seized of the matter until a democratic, non-racial and united South Africa is established.

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