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Security Council - 21 aprile 1994
RESOLUTION 912 (1994)
3368th Meeting

21 April 1994


"The Security Council,

"Reaffirming all its previous resolutions on the situation in Rwanda, in particular its resolution 872 (1993) of 5 October 1993 by which it established the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda (UNAMIR),

"Recalling its resolution 909 (1994) of 5 April 1994 which extended the mandate of UNAMIR until 29 July 1994 with a six-week review provision on the understanding that progress would be made in establishing the transitional institutions provided for under the Arusha Peace Agreement between the Government of Rwanda and the Rwandese Patriotic Front,

"Recalling its statement of 7 April 1994 (S/PRST/1994/16) which, inter alia, reaffirmed its commitment to the Arusha Peace Agreement and urged all parties to implement it fully,

"Having considered the report of the Secretary-General dated 20 April 1994 (S/1994/474);

"Stressing that the Arusha Peace Agreement remains central to the peace process in Rwanda,

"Expressing deep regret at the failure of the parties to implement fully the provisions of the Arusha Peace Agreement, particularly those provisions relating to the cease-fire,

"Recognizing the initiatives made by the late Presidents of Rwanda and Burundi towards resolving the problems in their countries through peaceful means and in collaboration with regional leaders,

"Shocked at the tragic incident that resulted in the deaths of the Presidents of Rwanda and Burundi on 6 April 1994,

"Appalled at the ensuing large-scale violence in Rwanda which has resulted in the death of thousands of innocent civilians, including women and children, the displacement of a significant number of the Rwandese population, including those who sought refuge with UNAMIR, and the significant increase in refugees to neighbouring countries,

"Deeply concerned by continuing fighting, looting, banditry and the breakdown of law and order, particularly in Kigali,

"Stressing the need for all countries to avoid any action that might exacerbate the situation in Rwanda,

"Expressing its deep concern also for the safety and security of UNAMIR and other United Nations personnel, and personnel of non-governmental organizations who are assisting in implementing the peace process and in distributing humanitarian relief,

"1. Takes note of the report of the Secretary-General dated 20 April 1994 (S/1994/474);

"2. Expresses regret at the tragic incident in which the Presidents of Rwanda and Burundi lost their lives, and reiterates its invitation to the Secretary-General to report to the Council as requested in its statement of 7 April 1994;

"3. Expresses regret also at the ensuing violence which has claimed the lives of the Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, Government officials and thousands of other civilians;

"4. Condemns the ongoing violence in Rwanda, particularly in Kigali, which endangers the lives and safety of the civilian population;

"5. Strongly condemns the attacks against UNAMIR and other United Nations personnel leading to the deaths of and injury to several UNAMIR personnel and calls upon all concerned to put an end to these acts of violence and to respect fully international humanitarian law;

"6. Demands an immediate cessation of hostilities between the forces of the Rwanda Government and the Rwandese Patriotic Front and for an end to the mindless violence and carnage which are engulfing Rwanda;

"7. Commends the active role of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General and of the Force Commander to bring about a cease-fire and to mediate between the parties in order to bring about the earliest resolution of the Rwandan crisis;

"8. Decides, in the light of the current situation in Rwanda, to adjust the mandate of UNAMIR as follows:

"(a) to act as an intermediary between the parties in an attempt to secure their agreement to a cease-fire;

"(b) to assist in the resumption of humanitarian relief operations to the extent feasible; and

"(c) to monitor and report on developments in Rwanda, including the safety and security of the civilians who sought refuge with UNAMIR,

"and authorizes a force level as set out in paragraphs 15 to 18 of the Secretary-General's report of 20 April 1994 (S/1994/470) for that purpose;

"9. Decides to keep the situation in Rwanda under constant review and states its readiness to consider promptly any recommendations which the Secretary-General may make concerning the force level and mandate of UNAMIR in the light of developments;

"10. Reiterates the crucial importance of the full implementation of the Arusha Peace Agreement to the settlement of the Rwandan conflict and invites the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) to continue to cooperate fully with the United Nations in this regard;

"11. Commends the efforts made by the leaders of the sub-region at finding a solution to the crisis in Rwanda and calls on the leaders of the region, especially the facilitator to the Arusha peace process, to persevere and intensify their efforts, in cooperation with the Organisation of African Unity and the United Nations;

"12. Reaffirms that the Arusha Peace Agreement remains the only viable framework for the resolution of the Rwanda conflict and serves as the basis for peace, national unity and reconciliation in the country and calls on the parties to renew their commitment to this agreement;

"13. Calls also upon the parties to cooperate fully in ensuring the unimpeded delivery of humanitarian assistance to all in need throughout Rwanda and in this regard, appeals to the international community to provide increased humanitarian assistance commensurate with the scale of the human tragedy in Rwanda;

"14. Affirms its commitment to preserving the unity and territorial integrity of Rwanda;

"15. Invites the Secretary-General to continue to monitor the events in Rwanda and to report fully to the Council on the evolving situation and not later than fifteen days after the adoption of this resolution;

"16. Decides to remain actively seized of the matter."

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