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Parlamento Europeo - 17 settembre 1992
Ex-Soviet soldiers detained in Afghanistan


Resolution on the ex-Soviet soldiers detained in Afghanistan

The European Parliament,

A.noting that Omin Altiyev, Nikolay Bystrov, Alexander Leviniets, Victor Nazarov, Gennadi Tsevma, Leonid Vilku and Byashkhimgeldy Yazkhanov, soldiers of the former Soviet army, are still detained in Afghanistan by groups loyal to Commander Ahmadshah Masud, now Minister of Defence of Afghanistan,

B.noting also that at least four other ex-soldiers - Devletnazer Gulgieldiev, Sergei Krasnodurov, Hazrat Mahmetnazarov and Nikolay Zayats -are held by groups loyal to Commander Gulbuddin Hikmatyar, and that four others - Valentin Dubina, Aleksei Olenin, Yuri Stepanov and Nikolay Vyrodov - are held by Commander Sukhipayandar of Hizb-i-Islami in Baglan province,

C.aware of the fact that an estimated 40 other ex-Soviet soldiers are still detained in Afghanistan, that some of them wish to remain in Afghanistan, whereas others wish to return to their homes in Russia and other ex-Soviet republics,

D.pointing out that it is normal humane practice, when a war is brought to an end, for both sides to release all prisoners taken during the war,

1.Expresses its deep sympathy with the Afghan people for the sufferings brought upon them through the Soviet invasion and occupation of their country;

2.Expresses its admiration for the courage of the Mujahedin leaders who fought against the Soviet occupation;

3.Hopes that the Government of the Russian Federation will now cooperate to the best of its ability with the Afghan Government to repair the damage done to Afghanistan during the war;

4.Invites the Afghan Government and the commanders of Afghan Mujahedin groups to arrange for the immediate release of all ex-Soviet soldiers now on territory they control and to allow these men to leave Afghanistan if they wish;

5.Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Council, the Commission, EPC and the Russian and Afghan governments.

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