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Parlamento Europeo - 17 settembre 1992
Human rights in Turkey

RESOLUTION B3-1208 and 1248/92

Resolution on the human rights situation in Turkey

The European Parliament,

-having regard to its previous resolutions on the Kurds and human rights in Turkey,

-having regard to the United Nations Charter, the UN Convention on Human Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights and the Convention against Torture,

A.having regard to the violent clashes on 30 August 1992 between the Turkish security forces and Kurdish separatist forces which left 50 people dead in south-east Turkey,

B.concerned at the deaths of a number of Turkish journalists in 1992, which occurred mainly in the south-east of the country in suspicious circumstances; having regard in particular to the Turkish medical association's report of 8 August 1992 which states that the Turkish State still tolerates employees for whom it has become second nature to torture and kill suspects,

C.having regard to the resumption of proceedings against Dr. Ismail Besikici and against trade unionists,

D.whereas the eight-year-old armed struggle between Turkish government forces and Kurdish separatists has claimed 1300 victims since early 1992 alone; whereas 205 people have been killed during 1992 in extra-judicial executions carried out by the security forces,

E.having regard to the non-application of the Convention on Human Rights in south-east Turkey,

F.having regard to the programme announced by the Turkish Government under which priority is to be given to improving human rights,

1.Condemns the attacks by the Turkish armed forces on Kurdish civilians and the acts of terrorism perpetrated by the PKK;

2.Urges the Turkish Government to lift the state of emergency in south-east Turkey and to find a political solution to the Kurdish question;

3.Calls for a conference to be organized on the Kurdish problem in the context of the CSCE and calls on the Community and the Member States to support such an initiative;

4.Urges the Turkish Government to open a full investigation into the causes of the deaths of the journalists and to bring those responsible to trial whether they belong to terrorist organizations or to the security forces;

5.Considers that full respect for human and citizens' rights must be an essential aspect of relations between the EEC and Turkey;

6.Instructs its EEC-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee and its Subcommittee on Human Rights to monitor closely the issues raised in this resolution and to consider sending observers to the area;

7.Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Council, EPC, the Commission, the Council of Europe, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the CSCE Secretariat and the Turkish Government and Grand National Assembly.

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