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Pannella Marco - 10 agosto 1981
Letter to all representatives of parliamentary Assemblies
by Marco Pannella

ABSTRACT: Letter to all representative of parliamentary Assemblies of the democratic countries, to send them printed material on the Manifesto of Nobel Prizes against world hunger and for development and its first effects, and to urge them to take concrete measures to support it in their respective parliaments.

(Original version: english)

10th August 1981

My dear Colleague,

I enclose documentation on the "Manifesto" of the 54 Nobel Prize winners (because this is a genuine political manifesto and not just another "Appeal") and - above all- on the practical follow-up and reaction in various institutions.

As you will see a "third way" appears to be emerging beyond all expectations and is uniting political parties and states, cutting across traditional alignments sometimes in a very surprising way.

The idea that instead of sitting waiting for some mythical and illusory "development" while allowing tens of million of people to die each year, we should attempt to save their lives and start right away on economic development - both of our society and of the fourth world - seems to have captured the imagination of many political parties and members of parliament who hitherto had been accused of being insensitive to this holocaust or of others who have salved their consciences with mere gestures.

These initiatives have often been met in Europe with an almost total blackout by the mass media and as a result the politicians are often those who are most ignorant of such initiatives.

I feel therefore that you will find the enclosed documents - numerous perhaps but highly relevant - very useful. I have been assisted in compiling them by "Food and Disarmament International".

We hope that your parliament will be able to express its views in the manner suggested by the "Manifesto" or even go further.

For myself, I was conscience-bound to send this letter. I have decided - as a believer in non-violents methods - to support the aims of the Nobel Prize Winners by going on indefinite hunger strike until at least one-tenth of those who have been condemned to death by starvation or malnutrition in 1982 are saved by special emergency aid. But before undertaking non-violent action it is essential to ensure that public opinion and the powers concerned are so well informed as possible.

I sincerely hope, my dear colleague, that my action, inspired by hope, will help you to act and to achieve what I am sure you fundamentally support whatever your party or your political views.

If you could send us a brief reply when you receive this letter we would be deeply grateful. Thank you most sincerely.

Please accept my best wishes for your work, for yourself and those who are dear to you.

Marco Pannella

Enc. Manifesto of the Nobel Prize Winners - statements by heads of state and leadings politicians - results 5 weeks after the launching of the Manifesto - Belgian resolution - Italian resolution - resolution tabled in the European Parliament.

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