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Mlinchenko Fedor - 12 aprile 1992
by Fedor Mlinchenko

ABSTRACT: Narodna Gazeta (People's Newspaper), issued by Rukh movement - the main oppositional political force in Ukraine - published in its number 13/42, April 1992 an article directed against Radical Party. Below is the text of the article.

(Narodna Gazeta, # 13 (42), April 1992)

Idea to reanimate USSR disturbs till now some politicians and them, who accepts themselves as politicians. Let's take for example so called Transnational Radical Party, which has headquarters in Rome and representative office in Moscow. In the last time this party is trying to distribute its ideas also through new founded branches in other CIS states. Of course, it's necessary to support struggle against drug business, for human rights and for introducing of alternative military service.

However, the angels' songs lull the soul on the way to hell. Moscow resident of Radical Party, who is at the same time chief of local Social Democrats, meaning the idea of European home as the first priority, is inclined to the idea, that not each concrete state has to join this home, but all the "united" republics of former USSR together. During his speech on the Conference (in the congress hall it was permitted to smoke and in the foyer one could take beer - like in Europe!) this gentleman not only stated that "Ukraine will become a part of Europe not at that time when it tells that it is Europe", but also begun to joke: Ukrainian nation, its etatism, "its uniting and other gentlemen's' complex" not always have "a resonable balance". And that's why one have to renounce every kind of etatism in order "to acquire the real sovra-national civic mentality" (quotation from the paper "New Party"). An example of such kind of sovra-national conscience could be mere words from the same paper: "The aim of the new par

ty is to support evolution in the direction of the federation by different units - and the new Union Treaty in the Soviet Union shows an example of it". That's all. We are on the place. Without to start. Because this party is not a keeper of moral values and ideals: it has only political aims". And this aim is: "International". Yes, exactly, internationals and Cominterns with Kremlin brain and trusteeship over Ukraine, which asks still rhetorically: "New torch of freedom will be inflamed in Moscow?" Well, that's why new born "revolutionary destroyers" (to the word, if it's possible to believe the paper, comrade Alksnis is member of the party too) hope that they will be able to create a spark, "which inflames fire of peace, freedom, democracy".

But save us, Lord: don't let this "spark" to fall again on the ground of Ukrainian state. If Evgenij Khramov, which came to us from Moscow to form the units of "revolutionary destroyers", together with other members of the party, who can take one train carriage all together, wants - let him go by their way to Europe. But we will take our own one, in order not to pay the alien passenger without tickets.

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