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Pannella Marco, Dell'Alba Gianfranco - 18 maggio 1995
18 maggio 1995

di Marco Pannella (dichiarazione al PE)

Article published on "Bujku", the Albanian-language newspaper of Prishtina, Kosovo (transl. into english by S. and M.)

ABSTRACT. Introduction at the EP of a document by Pannella and Dell'Alba concerning the difficult circumstances of two Albanian professors at Tetova University due to Beograd policy. Pannella pushes for a real action about this matter, not a simple statement, and praises the Albanians' non-violent initiatives in reply to Beograd violence. He also comments the fact that no other group supported his proposal, although he hopes that in the following EP sessions the issue could get more attention.

Strasburgo - Yesterday in European Parliament in Strasbourg, deputies Marco Pannella and Gianfranco Dell'Alba, on behalf of political group of European Radical Alliance, proposed a project-resolution with title "Punishment of Albanian Professors in Tetova University", but this did not get support from other politic groups of European Parliament. Nevertheless, proposal of this project-resolution for Tetova University is positive.

All politic groups in European Parliament spoke about the difficult situation of Albanians in FYROM and punishment of rector Fadil Sylejmani, professors Milaim Fejziu, Musli Halimi and political personalities Nevzat Halili and Arben Rusi.

Marco Pannella, about Kosova case and the project-resolution declared: "It's more than 15 years that I accompany the situation in Kosova and I am informed that against the Kosova Albanians are incresingly crushed the rights, from Belgrade authorities. I am convinced that is more difficult is Albanian peaceful movement under the leadership of Ibraahim Rugova, than an armament resistance, for the difficulties of nonviolent movement has already been expressed by Ghandi himself".

"I am in favour of a concrete policy, not only a declarative one - Marco Pannella stressed meaning the solution of the Kosova case - Despite the fact that the resolution that we proposed together with my colleague Gianfranco Dell'Alba, 'Punishment of Albanian Professors in Tetova University', was not supported by other politic groups of the Parliament, I am optimist and I hope that with more engagement in informative aspect, in other sessions of the European Parliament there will be support to the project-resolution of the group European Radical Alliance", said Marco Pannella, pursuing: "Me and my politic group in the European Parliament, we are for stability in FYROM, but we think that this stability will be achieved only with respectability of ethnic Albanians rights to learn in their own language".

In the group of European Radical Alliance, besides Mr Marco Pannella, Albanian question has been supported by other known deputies, Van Den Melebuk, Lalumiere, and political personalities as Olivier Dupuis, etc.

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