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Conferenza droga
Cicciomessere Roberto - 25 ottobre 1992
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In text N. 1818, Marco De Andreis states that the most popular estimates on the turnover of the drug trade in the countries of the OECD ($500 billion yearly) are groundless. At the most, to make a generous estimate, this turnover could amount to $100 billion.

The same applies to Italy, where the estimates of 30,000 billion lira should be reduced by one third (10,000 billion lira).

What do the "experts" who have to this moment endorsed these extravagant estimates think of this?

If De Andreis' evaluations were reasonable, wouldn't this imply a reconsideration of the percentage values of drugs seized by the police forces? (not just 10%, as in the text, but at least 30%).


Text N. 431 ARC RP:

Prohibition on drugs: a business worth $500 billion

Marco Taradash


"A sum varying between $300 and $500 billion flows each year into the coffers of the international criminal organizations. In practice, the budget of two or three years of this industry would extinguish the entire foreign debt of the developing countries..."


"every year barely 5-10% of the drugs circulating on the various market is seized".

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