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Economic and Social Council - 29 luglio 1983
Member Name E83r076

29 July 1983

Cross-sectoral review of population

The Economic and Social Council,

Recalling its resolution 1982/50 of 28 July 1982 on the revitalization of the Council, in which, inter alia, it decided to review every six years selected major issues in the proposed medium-term plans of the organizations of the United Nations system,

Recalling its decision 1983/101 of 4 February 1983, by paragraph 2 (c) of which it decided, that food and agriculture and population would be the two areas for review in 1983,

Emphasizing the continuing relevance and importance of population policies and programmes in the social and economic development of the developing countries,

Recalling the World Population Plan of Action adopted by consensus at the World Population Conference and affirmed by the General Assembly in resolution 3344 (XXIX) of 17 December 1974,

Recalling its resolutions 1981/87 of 25 November 1981, in which it decided to convene an International Conference on Population in 1984, and 1982/7 of 30 April 1982 and 1982/42 of 27 July 1982, concerning preparations for the Conference,

Reaffirming the importance of the Conference,

1. Takes note of the report of the Secretary-General, which, inter alia, outlines population trends and policies since 1974 and contains a review of the planned programmes and activities of the concerned agencies of the United Nations system in the field of population;

2. Decides to continue to attach high priority to population programmes and activities as contributing to the social and economic development of the developing countries, and urges that increased financial support for population activities be made available and that concerned entities of the United Nations system take appropriate action accordingly in their respective programmes of work in a co-ordinated manner;

3. Notes with satisfaction that the various organizational elements of the United Nations and members of the United Nations family in the area of population are working towards an effective division of labour, and urges them to ensure enhanced co-operation and co-ordination among themselves;

4. Decides to consider the matter again at a future session, taking into account the outcome of the International Conference on Population to be held in 1984 in Mexico and the other developments in the area of population.

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